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Leadership Wellness: Stress as a performance advantage

Hosted by David Carry and Katherine Moore, Founder and MD of Track Record respectively, our session in November 2020 focussed on how we can build transferrable skills to turn stress in to an advantage, and even a professional and personal performance enhancer.

David, a 3-time Olympian, founded Track Record with the intention of challenging leaders to amplify their performance through the methodology developed for elite sport. Katherine, an experienced performance physiotherapist and expert in sport science and medicine, encourages the use of science to challenge us to perform at our best.

Our network and membership are living through some of the most challenging times our generation has seen, both personally and professionally. David and Katherine guided the group through a process that enhanced our understanding of how stress can affect our resilience and consequently reduce our competitive advantage.

Track Record determine that by learning how to increase our resilience capacity, we are better able to maintain long term levels of high performance during challenging periods. We often need to learn new skills to optimise self management. The ability to prepare, recover and adapt in the face of stress or adversity requires mental durability and strength.

Our session looked at how we can change our personal perceptions and importantly what practical tools we can implement to begin that process of change. Using a combination of coaching and analytics, David and Katherine looked at 4 areas of resilience: physical, mental, personal and emotional capacity. By measuring and understanding objective data, we learnt how we are better able to recognise lifestyle factors that influence our levels of wellbeing at work, leisure and sleep. While it has long been recognised that our behaviour outside of our professional standing affects our ability to manage our mental and emotional wellbeing, we focussed in on the detail of cause and effect. Meaningful behavioural change can be achieved by creating new habits and maintaining discipline around those habits.

Julian Horne, Partner at Miramar Global commented “I found the session with David and Katherine really beneficial both personally and professionally. Track Record’s approach to human performance really is at another level and if I am able to implement just one or two of the takeaways from the session, I will see an improvement in my performance both as an individual and as a business leader. I was particularity interested in the theme around self-management and how to create consistency using tools around self-awareness and self-regulation. It was a pleasure to be part of the session.”

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