Our Motivation

Leading Minds Network: Our Motivation

The Leading Minds Network was borne out of the motivation to deliver a platform of continuous learning and development to a high performance peer to peer network of individuals. Established during the uncertainty of 2020, Leading Minds has grown organically from a support and communication tool to a fully fledged member only organisation. Aimed solely at business leaders, the Leading Minds Network is a private space for individuals to accelerate their personal and professional learning and growth.

Fellow business professionals with similar mindsets from an array of industries will become your personal peer group.  Our membership helps each other to tackle issues and challenges and share successes. By discovering relatable topics as a group, we can seek out candid and impartial advice from our peers.  We attract individuals who have informed experiences they are willing to share. Our membership is constantly evolving, and we are open to new connections, experiences and resources.


Leading Minds brings high performing individuals together in a private forum with the intention of improving performance, accelerating growth and expanding knowledge. Providing an inspirational environment for leaders to use to their advantage.


Consisting of a membership of successful executives across science, industrial, automotive and tech, Leading Minds participants are encouraged to shape the network from within, lead with ideas and start conversations. A genuine peer to peer network, our community supports leaders to build connections and banish the isolation that can be endemic when you are at the top of your professional game.


Our network brings together new and existing contacts via a compelling quarterly event. Our aim is to nurture your connections with fellow members to help you build a professional and personal support network. A space where you can collaborate to build successful learning partnerships.


A network built on trust and mutual respect, Learning Minds delivers a space to look outside of traditional business learning and development and to view the bigger picture. Exploring emotional, mental and physical wellbeing as a way to develop consistent professional performance.

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