The Geopolitical Outlook

The Geopolitical Outlook for 2021: Session Introduction 

Nick Greenstock, cofounder of Gatehouse Advisory Partners, hosts the upcoming Leading Minds session focussing on specific strands of the geopolitical outlook for 2021. Gatehouse work with governments as well as the public and private sector to identify and interpret key geopolitical developments and events. A former professional sports player, Nick continued his career in corporate banking and consultancy before his latest role as CEO of Gatehouse.

“The essential point for firms is to decide whether their exposure to external factors merits a change in practice, and if so, what steps to take” Gatehouse Advisory Partners

Our session will cover multiple themes, with a focus on the COVID vaccine and the international business implications of the roll out performance differential country to country. The subsequent political stress of the roll out may affect already sensitive global supply chains and our interactive session will encourage participants to share their insights and questions around this. We will also touch on ESG, which is fast developing in to a ‘catch all’ in terms of evaluating a business. Nick will also share his views on what is on the horizon for politics and its contribution to our altered society as we look to the future.

Our intention is to offer insight into our member’s perceptions of the current geopolitical landscape and help bring some order to the overwhelming amount of information available on this subject.  The session aims to provide insight into geopolitical or economic risk versus opportunity. Gatehouse focuses on the geopolitical factors that affect specific outcomes; in essence discerning the “geopolitical risk premium” for investment or operational returns for a business, highlighting themes that could create an impact in 2021.

We will be considering what Nick shares could mean for your business, how you are already adapting or how you intend to adapt in the short to medium term. We will review in smaller groups how key geopolitical themes might affect your business over the next 3 years and how you might build the capacity to anticipate and manage change.

Andy Stoneham Knott, CEO of Leading Minds commented “Nick’s approach and his delivery of market intelligence has always resonated with me, so I am very much looking forward to hearing his latest insights. I am by no means an expert on the worldwide geopolitical climate, but I do understand that it can affect how I do business. To this end, Nick is delivering something in this session that will be really useful to me.”

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